Selection of paintings and drawings

Cy Twombly, “Untitled”, 1953,

Description: house paint, wax crayon, pencil on canvas, 147 x 147cm.

“It does not illustrate. It is the sensation of its own realization…”, Twombly

A realisation of the 3D kinetic potential of an untitled painting by Cy Twombly from 1953.

I  decided to release Cy Twombly’s drawings from their 2-D constraints. Inspired by Rauschenberg and his moving of the picture plane from the vertical to the horizontal, from the wall to the floor,  I decided to build 3-D versions of Twombly’s characters and then set them free to roam across the floor.

My thinking was that my creations should be amusing, playful, whimsical, kinetic, chaotic and subject to chance.